Episode 37 – Level 257

Another traditional show! What are the odds!

Dave went to Orlando and checked out an MLS match, Darryl caught Pac Man fever at Level 257, the guys eat Tater Tot Pizza and the Best Nachos Ever, Dave makes Darryl listen to the Now Weekly Team GFB Radio Destiny Minute, and Dave discovered the Greatest Podcast of All Time.

After consoling each other about not being the Greatest Podcast of All Time, Dave and Darryl round out the show with some emails.

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Episode 36 – Getting Down In A Rental Car

It’s the episode you’ve all been waiting for, the one where the guys finally talk about sex in rental cars. Other topics include: Some highlights (lowlights?) from the BLLSL 2015, day drinking, and Broken Age VITA.

After that harrowing discussion, the guys dive into Ye Olde Mailbag and get into what people want to know in the streets.

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Episode 35 – Enter the Keir

It’s another special edition of TeamGFB Radio, wherein Darryl and Dave get to know Keir Miron (@KeirMiron), a programmer on Darkest Dungeon at Red Hook Studios.

The guys talk with Keir about Darkest Dungeon–how they got the game started, funeded, and what their creative process is like, before meandering  into discussions about Burnout Paradise, how to get your PAX booth popping off, and the NBA Playoffs.

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Episode 34 – Darryl’s Solo-cast

Due to an unfortunate turn of events, Darryl was faced with having to roll out his first solo-cast. But Fear not faithful listeners! Darryl pulls in friend of the show, programmer extraordinaire and Midway/Iron galaxy alum, Jeff Campen (@campn8r). This week Jeff sets the record straight on few things that Dave and Darryl have talked about in the past, Beta testing for Bungie (pre-Halo) and some interesting office decorating decisions that were made at the Midway offices. Next week we will return to our regular format.

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