Episode 33 – Location Test

This is, without a doubt, our favorite episode yet.

Dave sat down with legendary game designer Sal DiVita and went¬†over his amazing career. For those unfamiliar, Sal helped invent the Action Sports genre with the team at Midway Games, creating NBA Jam and NFL Blitz, before moving onto Psi-Ops, TNA Impact! and many others. Sal talks about what it was like to work on Coin-Op hardware, what it’s like to be a perfectionist, and what he’s up to currently.

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Episode 32 – Dave interviews Tom Carbone

If you love Darryl-heavy episodes you might as well turn back now. This is not the episode you are looking for.

If, on the other hand, you enjoy hearing video game development stories from days long past, you’re in luck. Dave recorded a long¬†interview with his friend and colleague of over fifteen years, Tom Carbone (@tcarbone). They go over how they started working together, the best and worst stuff they’ve made, the best Easter Egg they ever dropped in a game, and Tom discloses the origins of Dave’s “Kid Teflon” nickname.

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Episode 31 – Green Light

It’s a fully-loaded episode of #TeamGFBRadio once again! The guys start with some word association, Darryl talks about high-end bed shopping, and the guys ponder what color runner lights one should put under their beds to maximize sexy time. Dave then recounts his trip to Glitch MN (in a word: rad), Dave does the “Industry Insider Minute” wherein he talks about Video Game Agents, before gushing about the Destiny end-game for a bit. The guys round out this show by talking about a bunch of family stuff, April Fools shenanigans, and an update on the efforts to have sex in their Priuses. And Emails!

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Episode 30 – PAX East 2015 Part 2

The guys start off this episode with some insider PAXAMANIA talk…and also how Dave screwed Darryl out of meeting Swery (sorry!). Then they take listeners on a brief tour of Boston’s Chinatown (it’s very nice, actually), before Dave reveals one of his friends is in fact an awful, awful person. They wrap up their prepared remarks with a lot of talk about Dragons Age and Destiny, before wrapping the show with some emails where Dave learns that his random criticisms re:Canada do, in fact, hurt.

Come for the laughs stay for the giant Lang head.

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