Episode 29 – PAX East 2015

Please join us for an artistic retelling of the events that transpired at PAX East 2015.

Come for the laughs stay for the cheese sticks.

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Episode 28 – #PitchCouch

Photograph courtesy of Dan Tabar Photography

It’s the GDC 2015 edition of #TeamGFBRadio, and it’s shenanigan filled. Right out the gates Dave attacks Darryl’s sweaty palms (Dave is a jerk), before settling into GDC story time. Dave talks about how he (accidentally) counter-programmed against the annual Midway reunion, eating too many pizzas, and how Dan Rykert took Dave and friends to the strangest bar of all time. You might think that’s a lot of stuff, and you’d be right, but lo! Hashtag PitchCouch was born, and it was good.  This episode is rounded out with some interviews Dave did with SCEA’s Adam Boyes and Double Fine’s Brad Muir.

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Episode 27 – Hey, Let’s Go To Napa!

Fans of Darryl Wisner will be disappointed to learn that this is a Dave heavy Travelogue episode, wherein he regales everyone with fresh deets from his trip to Napa, CA. Are you curious about what Adam Boyes made for dinner on Friday? Or are you interested in what it takes to pretend to be an Executive in the Coke Zero business Unit? Perhaps you’re intrigued with tales of Top Gear Rules, or airhorn apps? No? None of that is interesting to you? Then just fast forward to fifty minutes into the episode where Darryl talks about hacking Minecraft.

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Episode 26 – Samoas Vs. Thin Mints

This week the guys get together and answer the age old question: What is the best Girl Scout cookie? After that hot debate wait for the Dave’s retelling of his Taylor swift fantasy and his adventure of making horrible beats. The guys also talk about what to expect this year for GDC and PAX East. The show is closed out with another hot email.

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Episode 25 – The Bloco Situation

This episode is a party for your ears! Dave gets DEEP into Carnaval at Salvador, explaining the ins and outs of all the ways one can get in trouble down there (spoiler alert: there are infinite ways to get in trouble, and three-ways with married couples are actually invitations to get murdered). After nearly fifty minutes of discussing the Worlds-Largest-Party, the guys close out the episode by answering some emails.

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