Episode 24 – Brutal Card

We start off this amazing episode by getting a “Sex in the Prius” update from the guys, then they talk about Video Game Book Club before being joined by mutual friend and scourge of the internet Kraig Kujawa for some Midway Story Time. Then Dave kicks off part one of his epic “Tales from Caranaval” storyline, before the guys shut down the show with an email from Jeff G from Petaluma.

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Episode 23 – It’s A Trap!

Were back to bring you another hot banger. This week we talk about Dave failing as a Prius owner, fat guys in racing suits, Dave’s trip to DICE, making Pac-Man for a remote control, drunk guys yelling “It’s a Trap!” and making robots say inappropriate things. We also cover some emails wherein we start the first edition of Team GFB Mastermind.

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Episode 22 – Tales From The Inaugural PAX South – Part 2

Join us for part two of Dave’s Inaugural PAX South journey,  wherein we learn about the awful restaurants of San Antonio before the #hypetrain rolls through some emails. We might be a little drunk and we might be a little tired, but we don’t let that get in the way of delivering (yet) another hot banger. Join us as we talk about mall food, Dave stalking K-Flay and Darryl’s odd obsession with build dashboards.

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Episode 21 – Tales From The Inaugural PAX South

Dave is back with some Tales From The Inaugural PAX South. Some “real-lie” stuff got in the way of us getting this recorded in time for our Dash Radio listeners and our podcast subscribers, apologies about that. But after recording this episode 3 times, its finally here for your enjoyment. This is Part 1 in a 2 part recording. Get ready, it ends with a real cliffhanger…

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